304 N Rosera Street (Old Hwy 141)
PO Box 59
Lena, Wisconsin



Office Hours:
M-Thr: 8:00 AM–4:30 PM
F: 8:00 AM–4:00 PM

Make a Payment

The following payment options are available from Maple Valley Mutual:

Payment By Mail:
Make check payable to “Maple Valley Mutual” and send with payment stub to:
Maple Valley Mutual Insurance Co.
PO Box 59
Lena, WI  54139-0059

ACH Payment (Automatic withdrawl from your checking or savings account.) This option will automatically withdraw the amount of your billing on the due date:

  1. Complete the form and attach a voided blank check
  2. Print a copy of our Electronic Funds Transfer form
  3. Mail to:
    Maple Valley Mutual Insurance Co.
    PO box 59
    Lena, WI  54139-0059

Make an Online Payment: Click the link below to make an online payment.